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~kajesmommy@live.com ~

Friday, January 11, 2013


wowzers its so hard to believe that another year has come and gone
i can only imagine just how quickly this year will do the same

did you all set your 2013 resolution and are you sticking with it? i sure hope you are and wish you the best of luck with it!

for 2013 i have vowed to make several diff resolutions myself and honestly most are all business related :)
~renting and testing out new lenses until i decide which to purchase
~possibly updating camera body later in the year to ensure i have a backup (i miss my old d40 LOL)
~revamping SJP branding and options
~adding more dates for mini sessions to ensure more clients get awesome images on a budget
~looking into major natural light indoor studio space
~specializing more in certain age groups than others:)
~blogging more(hahahahaha i hope lol)

and last but certainly not LEAST......
~taking more time off for ME!!!!!

the past few years have been BEYOND a personal roller coaster for myself in so many ways (most of which are personal and i will spare you from)

my health issues were not kept secret however and they still continue - some days are better than others as before but now that more discs are slipping and bulging into nerves, i find that working with TWO bum arms can be very upsetting and hard and depressing at times..... with all the other personal craziness i found myself overloading on work to keep from thinking on it all much....this was great for y'all as i was a workaholic and and rarely said NO, even though i should have for myself and my son(live and learn)

this brings me to my biggest point.... MY SON! he deserves FAR more of me than i have been able to give him... and even if he is almost 8 (oh my enter tears) he is still my baby and is very impressionable and deserves ALL of me..... he is my rock, my world, my everything(as all our children are) and without him i would not be where i am today! i have stayed strong and fought for so much more than i normally would in life FOR HIM and BECAUSE of HIM. not everyone will understand this and i am fine with that.... but he deserves far more than what he has gotten from me in the past three(nearly four) years..... he would want attention or for me to look at something he was doing and my head was shoved up my computers butt full force... he would want to do something on my one off day for the month and my excuse for limiting our play was that i was tired from work or i had stayed up all night editing and just needed a nap.... HE DESERVES BETTER

even though i still find myself exhausted and overworked at this point in 2013.... my new schedule will be stuck to and has been put into action, clients will be told NO, off days will be taken OFTEN, phone will be IGNORED, etc!!!!!!

i LOVE what i do and i LOVE that you all trust me for such awesome moments and memories in life! i want to continue to work with you all and be a part of your lives.... i just realized that while i was busy doing so that i was missing out on soooooo much in my own:( so 2013 will be about finding balance and harmony between both..... this may mean hiring an assistant or office mate even but regardless BALANCE will be found this year for my SON, for my health (and sanity lol), and to ENSURE that i am on top of my game and rested and refreshed for YOUR sessions!

with all of this said.... i want to remind EVERYONE that all requests for sessions/info/etc MUST be done through EMAIL only ( kajesmommy@live.com) .... if you call/txt me i WILL NOT return your call/txt.... i find that if i cant sit down with my books and all of my boys schedules in front of me and have time to think and type then i overbook or overlook something super important and miss out on living in the moment of my sons memories... that makes me sad! NO MORE!:) also don't forget that without a session fee payment i WILL NOT show to the session(been there done that and was left standing rather than shooting more often than not)..... i now accept VISA -M/C-AMERICAN EXPRESS-DISCOVER (please note there is a convenience fee to do so)..... there aren't any price changes at the moment, however with the re branding this year - changes are sure to come but i am hoping to keep them minimal:) STAY TUNED, VISIT FAN PAGE ( www.facebook.com/sjpix ) OFTEN for the most up to date info, and last but not least.... THANK YOU!!!!! i don't advertise i don't solicit work..... i stay as busy as i have because of YOU and i thank YOU for that:) yall are awesome and i am hoping that 2013 brings the right changes to benefit EVERYONE in  a positive way:)

GOD BLESS.... XOXO... oh and RTR {hehe}

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