~kajesmommy@live.com ~

~kajesmommy@live.com ~

Sunday, July 31, 2011

~new pricelists/products~

i love new products- i now offer magnets(perfect for announcements, bday invites and soooooo much more)....and have finally put together a pricelist for the all too favorite float wraps :))))

scroll down to pricelists at the bottom of this page and you will find them all there!!!! any questions plz feel free to email me!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~update 2~

taking me a bit longer to update with all the new info....my aopologies!!!! next on the list however is pricing and will be effective as of july 18!!!!!

session fee will remain the same $50.....cd fee is going up to $150-this is  a must considering orders have fallen drastically over the last year-i have recvd several emails asking why from my printing company and online ordering gallery too!!!! i understand to some degree but also know that i refuse to raise print prices(just cant make myself charge $20+ for a single 5x7 print-thats just bonkers!!!!!)-so in order to keep print prices as they are copyrights are increasing!!!!!!

if you have scheduled a session with me and paid session fee already you still pay the old cd price!!!! if you havent paid your session fee you have till monday july 18 to get it to me in order to lock in this price-otherwise it will be noted on your info sheet that you must pay new cd fee!!!!! plz contact me if youre unsure!!!!!

i will closely watch all sessions over the remainder of the year and determine what, if any price changes will happen after the first of the year also so there may be another price update starting jan of 2012!!!! i spend countless hours scheduling/editing/msging and deserve to be paid for my time-although i want to remain affordable for all-i also need to compensate myself and my family!!! im also hoping that this price increase will cut out those unruly clients that i have had who use me simply to have me alter my style to fit theirs and then never order after spending countless extra hours trying to please them!!!!!! i want to enjoy my work- have time to fully edit like i want-and have time to plan out the perfect session, not just wing it every single time and pray for it to turn out as i had hoped!!!!

stay tuned for an updated scheduling post super soon as well....im working on a full schedule that allows me to have time with my family and for myself as well as days designated for shooting, editing, ordering and shipping!!! right now i work 7days a week all day long- to keep from getting completely burnt out this must be handled asap!!! this will likely limit days available but i hope that you understand and trust that the pics wld be worth it!!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~hApPy 4tH~

just a qick edit post to practice for the real pic once the best location is found....but what better day to practice than on july 4th:)))) and what better model than my own precious baby boy-hehe LOVE IT!!!!! hope everyone had a super safe holiday!!!!