~kajesmommy@live.com ~

~kajesmommy@live.com ~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~as turkey day approaches~

here it is the night before Thanksgiving.....ive finally completed all CHRISTmas sessions and starting on card orders now-with only a few reg session clients to clear off the edit list:)) productive if i do say so myself!!!!!....however with the extreme busy~crazy~hectic  schedule i have yet to post a single thing i am thankful for this month on any of my social media pages.....badBADbad girl i know:// so lets start now....never too late in my book!!!!

i will spare you all from reading a months worth of things im thankful for in one blog post lol.....i will limit to the ones that are most recent for me, those that really touch my heart and make me think~work~keep moving~wake up everyday!!!!!

my son~ without him i can honestly say im not sure where i wld be at this point in my life....hes my world and teaches me daily to have patience, gives me love daily and wakes me up with a smile to melt anyones heart in an instant!!!!

my close fam/friends~ the ones who are ALWAYS there for me and for my son in good times, bad times, those that are questionable and ALL in between:))) thanks for not judging but supporting through and through in all situations fully!!!

my job/clients~ you all allow me to be creative, express my feelings, trust my judgement and push me to continue learning and growing in an ever growing and changing position(and thanks for your patience with me on my learning business 101-lol)

las but NOT least........GOD~ he always giving me strength when i think im at my lowest point, courage when i need it most, love even though i dont always remember to show him the same and forgiveness when i take for granted that all is well and i forget to pray to him for everything that i am thankful for....its great to know that no matter how forgetful, how much i sin or how imperfect i am that he loves me reguardless!!!!

to all of you taking the time to read this- may God bless you and yours!!! thanks for your time and hope you have a great turkey day!!!!!