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~kajesmommy@live.com ~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~update part 1~

WOW....yes i know its been quite some time since my last post....business and life have been beyond busy!!!! alot of things/news/info to discuss- to make this a bit easier on the eyes (lol) i will post up several posts over the next several days to break it all down for you all!!!!!

first post---ALL ABOUT SURGERY/MY HEALTH!!!!!!!!!

i spent several months squeezing in sessions/overbooking weekends/shooting and editing till im in pain....all to prepare for neck surgery this month!!!! i went to my preop appt and had the updated xrays and mri to check the status of the discs.....6hrs and several hundred dollars later i meet with my surgeon to have hime look me in the eye and tell me that surgery at this point... with the vast change in the size alone of my discs in my neck...shld be put off!!!!!!! i wanted to cry something terribly when he told me this- all the stress, upset clients, and more for nothing!!!! i understand after his explination and am greatful that he doesnt just wanna cut on me but at the same time-well im sure you can sense the frustration!!!

the reason for the delay- my discs(all but two-there are only seven in your neck) are all bulging out....c7 is the worse of the bunch and its actually extruding out pressing on the nerve to my right arm causing severe pain, throbbing, numbness and more to my entire arm/hand all day!!!!!! my first mri had the drs ready to operate that day....i ofcourse put my family and business first and demanded trying physical therapy first....this helped with the pain but actually made everything else worse....dr told me to clear out my books and come back when i cld- he also mentioned that it was possible for the discs to shrink enough to let off of the nerve decreasing the pain and making it where i wldnt have to have surgery-however living with the pain for that long was extremely hard and there was no way to know how long that cld take...so i cleared out my books and prepared to be fixed...however the new mri showed a significant decrease in the size of all the discs....what does this mean?!?!?!?!?! well basically if i have surgery now on c7 to ease my arm pain- i wld have to have c5-6 fixed within less than a year which is very dangerous....so the verdict is now continue to tough it out and try a neck block to see if it gives me some relief from the nerve/arm pain!!!!

did i want surgery....absolutely not!!!!!!! do i enjoy being in pain everyday...absolutely not!!!!!!! so what is one to do really?!?!?!?!?! i love my surgeon and trust his judgment....he told me straight up that if it was his neck and body he wld try the block first and avoid surgery all together if at all possible!!! i trust him and his judgement and hope that i get some relief from this block.....really really hope it helps!!!!

so what does this all mean to you?!?!?!?! the time i marked off for recovery will be upgraded to light duty work....i will take a few weeks to catch up from the pre-surgery overload.....then i will post up dates available.....i will also take time to be with my family who has recd the short end of the stick during all the preperation....i placed my business first for a few months and they deserve to be put back in that number one spot-and stay there!!!!!!

last note for the day.......thanks to all the great clients i have- the ones who are completely understanding- not demanding!!!!!! you all make it where i still enjoy what i do:)))) thank you!!!!!! to those clients who still demand pic/edit changes....yell out of frustration at me for having to have surgery and recover or for placing my family first.....POO ON YOU!!!! harsh of me-yes but its beyond deserved!!!!! i aim to please in all i do but keep in mund i am human first and foremost....if you think for one minute that your pics are more important than my family or my own personal health youre sadly mistaken and have obviously chosen the wrong photog!!!!!! i have made it clear from the beginning that this is a hobby for me...a thing i enjoy to do....plz dont make it a drag!!! i have also made it beyond clear that my family comes first ALWAYS....i had to learn to put my health up there too this year and had several clients make me feel bad for having to do so...lil remarks-questioning my availability-questioning my recovery time and pain................thats just wrong plain and simple!!!!! i am quick to forgive but dont forget....im honestly hoping that this small break from working nonstop will help me to forget but no guarantees!!!!!


i will keep you all posted on how the block goes....and remember to check back for more updates this week...alot of changes coming this year........


Amanda Smith said...

You should still just take the time like you said and spend it with your Family! It might do your arm good to rest too so take it off like you were having surgery ;-) If someone doesnt respect the fact that you are hurting and need to be off you are right they shouldnt come to you. Cali's 1 year pics were when you were going to be out for surgery and I didnt mind that one bit that we had to move it out. Your health and well being is more important than a picture. You are a wonderful photographer and I am glad I found you. I hope this neck block thing does work for you and you do start feeling better. I swear all the pics you have taken of my kids I would have never known you were hurting....you are a hard working, determined woman! Get Well :-)

Stephanie Jordan:) said...

thanks you sooooooooo much amanda....you are one of those awesome clients and i really appreciate you for that:))

Meg said...

Steph, I can't even imagine what you are going through with all this. I pray for you continually, and hope this neck block does the trick. God has truly blessed you with a gift, which is evident through each and every picture you take. I have never been happier with Juliana's pics, and am overjoyed with each and every session. And you are so right to put your health and family first. You shouldn't have to put up with other people's rudeness and selfish behavior. I am sure if the tables were turned, they wouldn't be so quick to say nasty things to you. But there's always those types of people out there. Just keep your spirit up, because there are more than enough people out there who love and support you!! Love ya, and if you need anything, let me know!

Stephanie Jordan:) said...

awww megs...love you too!!!! and thanks for all the positive feedback and for allowing me to watch julianna grow up through my lens <3 xo